How to Make Mini Garden Pond

When Summer is arrived,Interested in adding some water features to your garden? If you are truely interested in the idea of having a water feature in your garden but you are concerned about not having enough space for your water garden than this Mini Garden Pond in a container might be the solution for you. This Mini Garden Pond in a container is not only a beautiful piece of art but it is also very easy to set up.

1. Once you have picked a container use a divider or liner to add differences in the heights of the soil as well as the plants to create a beautiful landscape.
2. Remember you may also use bricks, rocks or overturned containers submerged below the surface of the water to create the same effect.
3. Fill the container with water and wait two days for the chlorine to evaporate.
4. Make sure you choose different variety of water plants and water flowers to grow.

If you have concerns about mosquitoes because of the water not moving around than you can install a small water pump to keep the water flowing. Make sure you place your container garden pond on your porch, deck or even inside the house. It would make a perfect complement to your space.

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