Build a baby cradle yourself – instructions

baby cradle

Despite all the new trends, the baby cradle is still the most popular piece of equipment for expectant parents. A baby cradle relaxes and calms the child while they are sleeping. The gentle rocking movements in a baby cradle remind the child of the time in the mother’s womb. There are so many variants for a baby cradle. The instructions below are for a baby cradle that you can attach to a ceiling.

What you need:

  • 21.8 cm thick wooden panels
  • 50cm x 45cm wooden panels as headboard and footboard
  • 11.8 cm thick wooden board
  • 85cm x 50cm base plate
  • 22.5 cm thick strips
  • 85 x 3cm upper side panels
  • Round rods with a diameter of 12mm, each of which must be 39cm long
  • 1 wooden board that is 1cm thick and 20 x 20cm in size
  • 1 round tube made of aluminum with a diameter of 3 cm and a length of 80 cm
  • 4 rope clamps
  • 2 suspensions, always adapt to the ceiling
  • wooden dowel
  • wood glue
  • hammer
  • drill/cordless screwdriver
  • jigsaw

The baby cradle that you can also hang up

  1. First you need to build the crib. You need the base plate for this. Drill 1 cm deep holes at a distance of 5 cm. This distance is also used for the bottom edges of the head and foot sections and the lower side sections.
  2. Now take the lower side parts of the opposite side and drill holes for the rods at a distance of 4 cm. Make these holes on one side of the upper side panels as well. Make the holes for the connection with the side parts in the side edges of the head and foot part. Connect these holes to the side panels.
  3. You have to drill two holes in the head and foot part for the suspension. Mount the cable clamps on the inside of the head and foot parts. You have to mount this in such a way that the rope later goes through the holes. But you have to be careful with the baby cradle that you assemble the rope so that it can be attached to the inside.
  4. You have to put some wood glue in the dowel holes and drive the wooden dowels into the holes. Then you need to connect the head and foot sections to the lower side sections. Then put the construction with the base plate together for the baby cradle.
  5. Then glue in the round rods. Now it’s beginning to look like a baby cradle. Only to finish, insert the upper side parts. If you have screw clamps, hold the baby cradle in place until the glue dries completely.
  6. To make the suspension ready for the baby cradle, you need 4 circles, each with a diameter of 9 cm, from the 1 cm thick wooden plate. In each of the circles, 4 dowel holes still have to go in. You need to cut out an inner circle with a diameter of 3 cm from two of the 4 circles.
  7. Now you need to connect a complete circle to a circle with no interior using a long dowel. However, you may only push the circles together until there is a 2 cm gap. Then push the round tube through the two openings.
  8. Now thread the rope through and thread the rope from top to bottom. Fasten the rope that runs down to the head and foot part with the rope clamps. Before you can attach the baby cradle to the ceiling, you have to make sure that the ceiling can withstand the weight of the child and the baby cradle.

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