RC airplane – you should consider the following when planning the model airplane

RC airplane

If you enjoy RC model airplanes, you can build your own airplane using a suitable blueprint. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Choose plans for RC airplanes

RC stands for Radio Controlled or Remote Controlled and means that these are functional models with radio remote control. When selecting the construction plan, you should consider the following:

There are RC airplanes with internal combustion engines, electric motors and gliders. You can retrofit some sailing models with a motor, but it is usually not possible to change the motorization afterwards.

If you are not a member of a club, you should opt for a glider or one with an electric motor, because the machines with a combustion engine can usually only be flown if you are in a club, as they are quite noisy, some rules must be observed will. In addition, internal combustion engines must be maintained and adjusted.Since you also have to have quite heavy batteries on board for models with an electric motor, small models with these motors are hardly possible. So you need a lot of space if you decide on such an RC model.

Select blueprint by material

As a beginner, you are probably best served with a simple glider, because you only have to worry about the controls, the model flies “by itself”. The only thing that remains is to decide on the right material. Most of the time, a blueprint has been tested for a specific material, so you can’t just decide to implement the plan in a different material.

EPP is the ideal material for beginners because the planes are light and can withstand a crash. In addition, EPP is easy to process. A cutter, tape, sandpaper and glue are enough to build a model.

Wood is also a material that beginners get along with quite well, both in construction and in flight. If you use balsa wood, a cutter is sufficient, otherwise a fret saw is necessary. But wood is more prone to warping, you need to pay close attention to the blueprint, including the order of the parts.

Depron is a plastic that, like EPP, is easy to process, but the models are stiffer and can break more easily. You can usually implement a blueprint in both EPP and Depron.

What else to consider when building a model

Before purchasing the material, look at the construction plan as a whole and try to understand the principle. Many plans have been drawn up by hobbyists who are happy to offer advice if you don’t understand something. Often you will also get additional pictures of the construction of the aircraft. Don’t commit to a plan until you understand it.

Familiarize yourself with the necessary techniques to use during construction. Usually you have to bend materials into the right shape. Practice the techniques on a sample piece.

The dimensions of the construction plans are based on the dimensions of the original aircraft and the space you need for the servos, batteries and receiver. To avoid any unpleasant surprises afterwards, you should definitely follow the measurements exactly.

In order for the RC plane to have good flight characteristics later, you must proceed very carefully according to the construction plan, especially when designing the wings. Inaccuracies here quickly lead to the model not being functional.

On the other hand, small irregularities that lead to your model not being completely symmetrical or to the weight being unfavorably distributed are less of a problem because you can balance them out with lead at the end.

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