Make your own salt crystals with children

Own salt crystals

The sparkling salt crystal in the water glass is a nice visual object for children. You can easily make your own salt crystals without any time-consuming preparation.

What you need:

  • Salt
  • water
  • transparent vessel
  • plastic thread
  • spoon

Use common table salt to make salt crystals

  1. Use a clear cup or glass so that you and the children can watch the salt crystals form and grow in the jar.
  2. Fill the vessel with a saturated salt solution. To do this, you have to dissolve salt in warm water until a sediment remains. This can take a while. Then add more salt. 
  3. Tie a plastic thread to a spoon. Tie a button to the other end of the plastic thread.
  4. Dip the thread with the button in the saline solution, avoiding touching the wall and bottom of the jar. The spoon is used to hold the thread in place on the rim of the glass.
  5. Cover the jar and place in a place with a constant warm temperature. Now it’s time to wait.
  6. Leave the vessel in place until the first salt crystals form on the thread. This process can take a few hours. The next day at the latest you can see the first salt crystals on the thread.
  7. You can of course continue to grow the salt crystal by adding saturated salt solution after the liquid has evaporated until the sparkling salt crystal fills the entire vessel.

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