Build children’s toys yourself – instructions for a wooden duck

wooden duck
wooden duck

Children’s toys made of wood are popular, especially when mum or dad build them themselves. Children love to touch the natural surface of the wood. You can easily build a duck yourself.

What you need:

  • Plywood at least 10mm thick
  • template
  • Printer
  • copy paper
  • Fretsaw or scroll saw
  • files
  • sandpaper

Wooden duck puzzle as a children’s toy

If sawing 10mm thick plywood is too tedious for you, you can also make the duck from several layers of thinner wood and then glue them together. With this children’s toy you have something that your children can build themselves.

  1. Find a picture of a duck that is clearly visible as a duck in silhouette. Print out this image in A4 size.
  2. Transfer the outlines to the wood and carefully saw it out.
  3. Now round off the edges with the files and smooth everything with sandpaper so that no chips or splinters can hurt the child.
  4. Now draw about 10 puzzle pieces on this duck, which you cut out very precisely. Smooth these cut edges with sandpaper as well.

The finished duck should be able to stand on a shelf as an ornament when assembled. You can leave the duck as it is, paint it colorless or paint it colorful with acrylic paint. A colorful painting with non-toxic paints is ideal as a children’s toy.

Other DIY toys

  • If you have a scroll saw, you can also use much thicker wood to make toys like this. Light solid wood looks much more decorative than plywood. And blanks made of thick wood can also be equipped with wheels and thus become pull-along toys.
  • You can also build other decorative parts yourself using this principle. It doesn’t always have to be children’s toys. An ibex as a gift for a “ibex” or an elephant for someone who was on safari are always nice and suitable gifts that you can build yourself from solid wood panels.

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