Build a drawer with castors yourself

Build a drawer
Build a drawer

If you are missing a drawer in your closet, this does not necessarily mean that the entire closet is gone. Simply build your own drawer with castors.

What you need:

  • two side panels made of beech wood 2 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm A 1 and A 2
  • a circular saw
  • a fine grater
  • two ends and back made of beech wood 2 cm x 36 cm x 20 cm B 1 and B 2
  • a drill
  • a wood drill 5 mm
  • a wood sinker
  • a joint cutter
  • a can of wood preservative
  • sandpaper
  • a hard cardboard sheet 2 mm x 37 cm x 47 cm
  • two rails with rollers
  • a can of wood glue
  • a screw clamp
  • a drawer handle

The drawer with castors is cut to size

  1. First the side parts A 1 and A 2 are cut out. Then the cut edges are broken off with a fine rasp. Then cut the head side and the back B 1 and B 2.
  2. Since your drawer is screwed together with rollers, the two side panels A 1 and A 2 each have 2 holes on the 20 cm sides. The holes are drilled 1 cm from the edge and are 10 cm apart. They are slightly countersunk on the outside with a countersink.
  3. All wooden parts of your drawer with castors have a joint on the inside with a width of 2 mm and a depth of 5 mmmilled wood . The joint is milled 5 mm from the respective underside in the panels of your drawer. Before you can assemble your drawer, you’ll need to buy two castor rails from your local hardware store. These strips are then placed on the left and right of your drawer.
  4. You should also treat the wood before assembling it. That means you sand the wood a little and then paint all the wooden parts with wood preservative. Then cut out the base plate C 1 from hard cardboard.

The closet move-in is completed

  1. Take your headboard and backboard and put some wood glue in the joints. Then insert the bottom into both parts and clamp everything with two screw clamps. Then take the side parts and also put wood glue in them.
  2. Then place the side parts on the floor and screw the side parts to the head part and the back part. Take the two strips with rollers and screw them to the left and right of the side parts. Now you have a drawer with wheels.
  3. But something is still missing. The drawer should also be able to be opened. For this purpose, you bought a drawer handle in advance from your local hardware store, which you now screw to the center of the headstock. After this is done, you have completed your drawer.

Before you screw in the screws, you should put some wood glue on the threads.

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