Build a tipi yourself – Here is the instructions

tipi yourself
tipi yourself

Whether in the great outdoors or in the garden for the little ones who romp around as little Indians – building a tipi yourself is quick and easy. With just a few tools for the natural transitional dwelling, you can quickly build a presentable replacement tent.

What you need:

  • 6 poles, length 2.0-2.5m
  • Cover
  • towels
  • clothespins
  • packing tape/
  • ropes
  • cords
  • pillow

Whether for you or your children, a tipi can be erected in no time at all. Invite yourself and your family to a barbecue and build the tent yourself. Curious little ones in particular are happy to support you by handing or even setting up poles. In most cases, an even more creative result is achieved with the children.

Real tipis are made of buffalo skin and very long poles. With a diameter of up to 12 square meters and around twenty individual parts, these are very stable despite the simple construction method.

The entrance to the tipi tent is always to the east. On the prairie there is often a westerly wind, which would otherwise constantly penetrate the tipi. If you build your tipi yourself, you can of course do without this measure and align the entrance as you wish.

This is how you can build a tipi yourself

  1. For the basic structure of the tipi, take three of the poles and hold them so that they form one half of the structure of the tipi. The larger the angle and wider the poles are held apart, the larger the floor area of ​​the teepee.
  2. Depending on the desired size of the tipi tent, tie the poles at the appropriate angle and wrap them horizontally and vertically with cords, packing tape or ropes. You have now completed one half of the tipi frame in a stable manner. The result should have a pyramidal shape.
  3. Do the same with the other three poles.
  4. Connect the two halves of the frame of your teepee tent with ties or ropes. Make sure that the rods no longer wobble or have too much play. If you are building the tipi yourself, check that the construction of the frame is stable while tying it down. A thick lump of straps and ropes can form at the top, as this will be covered afterwards anyway.
  5. Cover the poles from above with colorful towels and blankets and wrap them around the frame of the tipi. For blankets and towels, remember to leave a slit-shaped entrance. Fasten the textiles with clothespins. The most important factor when you build the tipi yourself is the stability, which you influence by connecting the basic structure.

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