Build Lego castles – that’s how it works

Build Lego castles
Build Lego castles

Especially on wet days in autumn or winter, when you can’t do much outside with the children or alone, playing with Lego offers a great alternative to occupy yourself with the children or by yourself in the warm. If you want to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and rebuild different castles, here are a few tips on how to build great castles out of Lego.

What you need:

  • Lego

Of course, it is possible to buy a whole Lego castle set in stores and build the castle that is contained and described therein. For all families who perhaps do not have the time or money to build such a castle in a toy shop, the next part describes how you can build a beautiful castle with simple Lego parts.

Build beautiful Lego castles yourself

  1. Depending on the desired size, you should first choose a large or small plate as the basic shape on which you would like to build your future castle.
  2. Then you and your children should choose a color that you like and that will later decorate the castle walls. If you don’t have enough stones of one color, that’s no problem. After all, rain and weather in the Middle Ages also ensured that the most diverse colors can be seen on the castle walls due to weathering.
  3. At the beginning, make the floor plan of your future castle. To do this, build the later basic form in a row on the Lego plate. Keep in mind that every castle needs an entrance and it used to be typical for a castle to have a tower.
  4. Once you have built the floor plan of your castle, you can now build the walls up to the desired height. 
  5. It looks particularly real if you don’t put the building blocks straight on top of each other, but make sure that the stones are offset on top of each other. This gives the impression that the castle was built from real stones and also provides more stability.
  6. In the penultimate row, you can then attach a few small surfaces to the inside so that the guards can also stand on the walls.
  7. The tower should also have an entrance and protrude into the interior of the castle, i.e. have a square shape. Of course, you should build the tower a little higher than the surrounding walls so that it is recognized as such.
  8. The tower will be particularly beautiful if you add a few windows so that the Lego knights can also keep an eye out for enemies.
  9. Also make sure that you install a few Lego plates at a certain height so that you can also place the Lego men in the tower. It is also advantageous to leave the back side (i.e. inside the castle) free so that you have access to the different floors of the tower and can also play with the Lego.
  10. You can also use a suitable plate as the roof of the tower, to which you attach a small wall at the edge. This is then the viewpoint of the Lego castles.
  11. In order to make the upper edge of the walls and also that of the viewpoint more beautiful and real, small Lego bricks are suitable, which you can place on them as battlements. This creates a real Lego castle look.
  12. For the princesses among the Lego fans, you can now build a few small houses inside the castle. These then serve as accommodation for knights, kings and princesses. If you still have stones left, you can let your imagination run wild and possibly build a monastery or a stable in the castle.

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