Build LEGO helicopters from building blocks – that’s how it works

Build LEGO helicopters
Build LEGO helicopters

If you want to build something other than LEGO houses with the kids, try a helicopter. You can build simple models from normal game pieces.

What you need:

  • Regular LEGO bricks
  • 2×2, 2×6 and 2×8 pimples
  • 4 plates 1×6 (or 8)
  • 2 plates 2×10 (or 12)
  • 1 plate 2x 8 (or 10)

Stones for the helicopter

Look at the existing game pieces. You need:

Some regular 2×2, 2×6 or 2×8 LEGO bricks to build the helicopter cockpit. Check whether there are also glass blocks, because the cockpit is of course nicer with windows.

You also need long, narrow and flat stones for the rotor if you have 4 rows of one, for the tail and the runners two rows are better. These stones are offered under the name of slabs. See if you also have a round plate with you.

If you also have bricks from the Technique line, find some deflectors, a round brick, and a propeller.

Building a simple LEGO model

  1. Start with the cockpit. This is supposed to be some kind of egg. Take a 2×8 brick as a base. Place 4 2×2 bricks on it so that a group of two sticks out on all sides. You now have a 4×4 building area, but there are gaps in it.
  2. Build over the area with 6 or 8 bricks. Groups of two should protrude over the edge again. Then build a row vertically. If you have more stones you can also build one or two more rows in which you increase.
  3. In the next rows you must now build in such a way that groups of two are not occupied around them.
  4. Place two 2×2 bricks one on top of the other in the middle and place the 4 1-plates on top of them. These must protrude on 4 sides. If you have a circular platter, put that on top.
  5. A long plate of two serves as the stern, on which you have placed two 2×2 bricks at one end. Place this plate on the cockpit, in which you place a 2×6 brick above it. Cover those with the stone 1×2 studs on the cockpit and 2×2 studs on the plate. If you have parts from the LEGO technic, put a diverter on the 2×2 brick of the tail. Attach a small propeller to it.
  6. For the runners you need 2×10 or 2×12 plates. Now build a 2×6 brick in the middle of a slab. Place the next stone on top of it in such a way that three nubs are covered. The next one is put on again in such a way that it survives. So there is a small staircase. 
  7. Build this structure on the other plate as well. The stairs should converge. Connect the stairs with a 2×8 brick. Put the helicopter cockpit on it.

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