Become a LEGO designer – that’s how it could work

LEGO designer
LEGO designer

Even as children, many dream of becoming a LEGO designer. Here you can find out how to find your way into the successful company.

make contacts during school

Would you like to become a LEGO designer and still have no idea how to proceed? No problem! You can get a feel for the company and make contacts while still at school.

The be-all and end-all of being a LEGO designer is your love of Lego bricks. You should be a passionate LEGO builder and demonstrate a great deal of imagination and skill. Keep creating new things and don’t stop being creative.

Visit LEGO trade shows or events. This is how you meet LEGO employees and can start a conversation.

Apply for an internship at LEGO. However, you should speak English. In an international company, English is an absolute prerequisite for success.Learn at school. Be ambitious. This is the only way you can later study product design and apply to LEGO.

  • If your studies don’t work out, you can try to impress with your models. Many designers work at LEGO who originally come from other professions. Only your love for LEGO and your imagination paved your way to LEGO.

Study designers and work for LEGO

Of course, studying product design is cheap. Academics definitely have better entry opportunities. You can make contact with LEGO while you are still studying.Complete your internship there and work intensively on the products.Write your thesis in the company. This is how you make an impression and many corporate graduate students later hire their graduate students.If you don’t have a degree, send an unsolicited application to LEGO and perhaps send a successful model of yourself.So maybe you can become a LEGO designer.

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