Create Lego construction plans yourself – that’s how it works

Lego construction
Lego construction

Lego building plans already exist for various Lego house or Lego technic constructions, but you can also create your own Lego building plans yourself. Read here how to create Lego blueprints.

What you need:

  • Lego bricks
  • window
  • doors

You have a hard time without Lego blueprints

For the simple boxes with lots of Lego bricks, no Lego construction plans are supplied, as this is intended to stimulate the child’s imagination.

If the children are a bit smaller, you could even create Lego construction plans for various buildings yourself. If, for example, a house looks roughly like your apartment, you can write down the individual steps to completion and print it out as a construction plan.

In this way you could describe exactly how the bottom row of the house or apartment should be built. What is particularly helpful for you is to build this first row yourself and then put it into writing. Since not everything can always look exactly like the real house or apartment, you should be generous about it and don’t tell your child anything.

With instructions it is easier to build with Lego

  1. So the text for the first row could look something like this: You take a large base plate and start placing the stones at the lower right corner. Since this is the reverse, feel free to place the long doubles four times. You place the next long double stone across from it and have thus created the first corner of the house.
  2. After the first long stone, there is a second stone – and you have already created a second foundation wall. For the front, first place a long double stone, followed by the door and a double stone, each with four knobs.
  3. At the end there is another long double stone. Now all you have to do is place the two long double stones on the right-hand edge and you have already created the outline of your outer walls.
  4. Now build the inner walls, for which you need the narrow single-row stones. Next to the front door you place a four-stone, place a narrow door on the final row of narrow stones, then a two-stone each, and the hallway is finished.
  5. Now you explain the other room divisions in this Lego construction plan and you have already created the entire floor plan of your house or apartment. Then you explain where the windows will be installed, continue to raise the walls and you have created your first of perhaps further Lego building plans.

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