Build a dollhouse out of paper mache

Build a dollhouse
Build a dollhouse

You can make a beautiful dollhouse out of papier-mâché. A great community activity for the whole family. The advantage is that the dollhouse costs you almost nothing.

What you need:

  • 6 milk cartons
  • adhesive
  • clear coat
  • newsprint
  • wallpaper paste
  • plywood panel
  • colour
  • Egg carton
  • Cutter
  • scissors

Basic construction of the papier-mâché dollhouse

To make a papier-mâché dollhouse, you first need a framework to which you apply papier-mâché:

  1. Collect the 6 boxes of milk packaging in the supermarket, these have a base area of ​​36 x 19 cm and are 21 cm high. Use the boxes in such a way that they are on the long side, this results in a room with a floor area of ​​36 x 21 cm, in real life at 1:12 that would be 4.32 m by 2.50 m, the 19 cm is then the room height , which corresponds to a room height of 2.28 m in real life.
  2. You need 4 boxes, of which you put together 2 each with the original bases and place these two double boxes next to each other. You get a house that consists of four rooms, 2 of which can be reached from the front and 2 from the back.
  3. Seal the open, smaller sides of the cartons with pieces of cardboard that you cut out of the surplus milk cartons.
  4. Think about where room doors should go and cut them out with a cutter.
  5. Now glue the boxes with the back and side walls together.
  6. To prevent the papier-mâché from soaking through the boxes, coat everything inside and out twice with clear varnish.

Stabilization of the cardboard dollhouse

  1. Once the paint is dry, tape 10×10 cm pieces of newspaper to the inside and outside of the boxes. You need 5 to 6 layers. Each layer should always be dry before applying the next so that the cardboard does not become soggy.
  2. Soak approx. 1×1 cm pieces of newspaper in wallpaper paste. It should be a thick porridge. It takes 2-3 days for the mass to be well soaked.
  3. Cut out small pieces of egg carton that will later decorate the walls as stones.
  4. Plaster the inside and outside of the dollhouse with this papier-mâché compound. Smooth the inside out and press the bricks out of the egg cartons into the papier-mâché on the outside.
  5. Paint the interior walls and exterior with paint. Remains of emulsion paint left over from a renovation or small test tins of such paint that are available in hardware stores are very suitable for this.
  6. Place either a sheet of plywood on top of the finished dollhouse that is big enough to overhang 5 cm everywhere, or take 2 sheets that you put together at an acute angle and put on as a gable roof.

If you like, you can add another layer of cardboard to the papier-mâché dollhouse.

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