Playhouse made of wood – building instructions

Playhouse made of wood
DIY Playhouse made of wood

A wooden playhouse is popular with children. With the right building instructions, you can design a cute little house for your children with little effort.

What you need:

  • 2 blockboards 180 cm x 120 cm x 2 cm (front and back wall)
  • 2 blockboards 130 cm x 180 cm x 2 cm (side walls)
  • 2 blockboards 184 cm x 90 cm x 2 cm (roof)
  • countersunk screws
  • drill
  • Holzleim
  • jigsaw
  • Cordless screwdriver or screwdriver
  • sandpaper
  • non-toxic wood paint
  • coarse wood file (flat)

What preparatory work is necessary for the playhouse

  1. measuring At the beginning of the assembly instructions, measure 20 centimeters to the left of the front wall for the door opening. Mark this spot.measure 20 cm.measure 20 cm. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  2. plan door. Measure another 60 centimeters from this point – this is how wide the door for the playhouse will be .Measure another 60 cm.Measure another 60 cm. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  3. mark the door. The door should start from the ground. Measure 80 centimeters from the floor. Mark this area on the wood.Plan the door.Plan the door. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  4. saw out the door. Connect the dots together and cut out the door opening with a jigsaw.Saw out the door.Saw out the door. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  5. plan windows. From the top of the door, draw a line to the right. This marks the end of the window in the wood. Draw window.Draw window. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  6. record window. Draw the window opening of 40 x 50 centimeters in the playhouse. This should have a distance of 30 centimeters to the other outer edge.The size of the window.The size of the window. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  7. pre-drill windows. Drill holes in the area you want to cut out as a window as a starting point for the jigsaw. Then saw out the windows.Pre-drill edges.Pre-drill edges. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  8. Pre-drill screw holes. Pre-drill suitable holes for the countersunk screws on the walls and side parts at regular intervals. This is the last preparatory activity for the building instructions.pre-drill holes.pre-drill holes. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert

How to assemble according to the assembly instructions

  1. bring in windows. Center the walls of the wooden playhouse with windows measuring 40 x 50 centimeters at the same height as the window in the front wall.The other windows.The other windows. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  2. Mark roof pitches. The assembly instructions continue with the inclines.  Introduce the sloping roof of the playhouse into the walls as follows: Mark the center point of the top edge and then a point on the side edges at a distance of 50 centimeters from the top edge.Draw roof pitches.Draw roof pitches. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  3. Saw out sloping ceilings. Draw a straight line in each case by connecting the outer points with the center point of the upper edge and cut off the protruding wooden triangles with the jigsaw.Cut off roof slopes.Cut off roof slopes. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  4. Apply wood glue. Apply wood glue to the two centimeter wide side edges of the front and back panels.apply glue.apply glue. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  5. screw walls. Then screw the front and rear panels to the side panels so that the front and rear panels are between the panels and are flush with the edges of the side panels.screw walls.screw walls. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  6. Finish flush. Place one of the playhouse’s roof panels so that the lower longitudinal edge is flush with the outer top edge of the side wall. On the short sides of the roof panel, mark an exact vertical line that lies on the middle vertical of the side walls. Repeat this process with the other roof panel.Adjust roof edges.Adjust roof edges. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert
  7. remove leftovers. Then use a rasp and file to remove the marked overhang on both roof panels of the playhouse so that you can miter and screw together both roof panels. According to these building instructions, the children’s playhouse is now complete.Edit with the file.Edit with the file. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert

How to beautify the house made of wood

After you have been able to build the house according to the building instructions, it can be beautified:

Inside the house, you can glue right-angled wooden blocks in the floor area in all four corners to give the wooden playhouse greater stability. Smooth any sharp edges with files and emery paper to minimize the risk of injury.

Prime the playhouse and paint it however you like with non-toxic paints. Bright basic colors such as red, blue or green are ideal. Make sure these are suitable for outdoor use according to the instructions on the packaging. A natural alternative is beeswax. This smells pleasant, is non-toxic and protects the wooden children’s house from the weather as a transparent glaze.

This is what the house looks like in the end.
This is what the house looks like in the end. © Andrea Nittel-Neubert

With these building instructions, you can quickly achieve the wooden playhouse for your children. Older girls and boys can become do-it-yourselfers themselves and build the children’s playhouse together with you.

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