DIY bass stand from Wood

DIY bass stand
DIY bass stand

Your bass stand not comfortable ,how to try decided to make one out of wood. The easiest without important slice Pallets. It’s cheap cost to made is easier

Step 1. elect to pallet according to the number and size of basses you’ll be handling. Look at your original stores trash area for a pallet. Stay down from big chains similar as walmart, lowes, home depot they exercise theirs. I recaptured mine from a original tackle store. If you ask nicely they may say yes.
Step 2. Remove the nethermost subcaste of boards using a hammer.

Step 3. Measure the veritably nethermost corner of your lower bout.
Step 4. Cut the pallet using this dimension.

Step 5. Use 2x4s as closes for the stage. I used a 4×4 cut in half since I want to be suitable to hold 2- 3 basses. You could use the 2x4s from another pallet. Check to make sure its strong because this will be the main part holding the instrument in place.
Step 6. Depending on the shape and curve of your lower bout, you’ll need to cut the 2x4s at an angle. I cut mine at a 30 degree angle. word to the wise make multitudinous small angle cuts for you can’t replace wood once its removed.

Step 7. Nail or screw in place. Screw from the bottom of the stage as well so that the sides don’t bulge out when a bass is placed upon it.
Step 8. Final traces spot makeup, stain or leave bare to your relish. I placed little felt bimahs on the bottom of the pallet so it doesn’t scratch my hardwood bottoms. It’ll be fine resting on the stage if the angle is right. Since I’ll have lots of different basses coming in, I concentrated my angles with filling and cloth.

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