Autumn theme in kindergarten – how to create a themed table

Autumn theme in kindergarten
Autumn theme in kindergarten

Each season is treated thematically in the kindergarten. Especially in autumn you have many opportunities to implement this season with the children. If you want to use the autumn theme for a theme table in kindergarten, you should go outside with the children and start collecting the necessary materials.

The theme of autumn

  1. In order to design a themed table, you first need some material.
  2. In the seating circle, you can discuss the topic of autumn in kindergarten with the children and think about which things belong on the topic table.
  3. Once you have discussed with the children what you would like to collect together with the group, you can go out into nature for a few days and collect things.
  4. In autumn, the forest is ideal for collecting colorful leaves, bark, moss, branches, acorns and chestnuts.
  5. On the meadows you can pick thistles, knapweeds, blackberry blossoms and bluebells with the children for the themed table.
  6. Create a place in the kindergarten where you can store all the materials you have collected in a dry and cool place.
  7. After each trip you should sit down with the children and discuss the day.

If you have the opportunity, ask a farmer if you can visit his fields and farm with the kindergarten group. After consultation with the farmer, you can harvest pumpkins, corn, apples and pears there with the children. The farmer can explain to the children which fruits and vegetables are harvested in autumn.

Design the theme table in kindergarten

  1. Push tables together that aren’t needed for the action.
    With the children, you can first create a reason for the theme table in the kindergarten.
    For this you can simply lay out brown, yellow, red and green cloths as a background.
  2. Now you can make a great tree with the bark, moss, leaves, acorns, branches and chestnuts. You can place the fruit and vegetables around the tree with the children.
  3. While you are designing the theme table with the children in the kindergarten, you should always keep in touch with the children. This gives each child another opportunity to tell what they particularly like about autumn.

You can then build up other projects in the kindergarten using the themed table.

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