Build a wooden drawer box yourself – instructions

wooden drawer box
wooden drawer box

A useful office helper when it comes to tidying up your papers is a wooden drawer box. In order to make such a box, you should have worked with a jigsaw before.

What you need:

  • fine wood rasp
  • jigsaw
  • 1 Tube Holzleim
  • drilling machine
  • Wood drill, 5mm
  • 2 screw clamps
  • 10 beech wood panels
  • 2 Claw

How to cut the drawer box

You make a drawer box out of beech wood.

  1. For your drawer box Cut two side parts from 2.5 cm thick beech wood to the dimensions 30 cm x 50 cm. The cut edges are rounded off with a fine wooden rasp.
  2. Next, cut a base board and a top board for your drawer box. The material you use is 2.5 cm thick beech wood, which you cut to the dimensions 35 cm x 50 cm. Here, too, round off the cut edges slightly with a wooden rasp.
  3. Small, 1 cm x 1 cm large, beech wood slats are used as inserts, which are cut to a length of 50 cm. You need a total of four of these strips for your drawer box.
  4. Now cut the four side pieces for your drawers. The dimensions are each 14.9 cm x 50 cm, use 2 cm thick beech wood as the material. All side parts get a 2 mm wide joint 1 cm from the lower 50 cm edge, which goes 2 mm deep into the wood.
  5. A 1 cm wide joint is milled 1 cm deep into the center of the wood on the outside of the side parts. Next you will now need to cut the two fronts and the two backs of your drawers. Cut the same from 1 cm thick beech wood to the dimensions 30 cm x 14.9 cm.
  6. Then cut the two 2 mm thick hard cardboard bases to the dimensions 26.4 cm x 50 cm. These floors are later glued into the joints of the side panels.

How to assemble the wooden drawer

  1. Now glue the four 1 cm x 1 cm beech wood strips to the two side parts of your wooden drawer box. Two strips are glued to each side part, one at a height of 7.5 cm and one at a height of 22.5 cm.
  2. Now drill 5mm holes in your headboard and footboard. The same are drilled 1 cm from the 50 cm long edges. You drill a hole on all 50 cm sides, every 8 cm.
  3. Now place the side parts vertically on the base plate. Before you then screw the side walls together, put some wood glue on the threads of the wood screws.
  4. Then put on the top plate and screw it to the side parts. Again, put some wood glue on the threads of the wood screws. When that is done, the outer frame of your wooden drawer box will stand.
  5. Next, glue the bottoms of your drawers to the side panels, then glue the front and place on the side panels. Then make a 1cm x 1cm cut-out on each side of the back panels of the drawers at a height of 7.5cm. Then glue the back to the wooden side panels.
  6. When you have assembled the drawers in this way, take screw clamps and clamp the two drawers. After the wood glue has dried on your drawers for the wooden drawer box, screw the small handles that you bought in advance in the middle and your drawer box is ready.

Allow the wood glue to dry properly before attempting your wooden drawer box.

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