Make your own Grinch mask – that’s how it works

your own Grinch mask
your own Grinch mask

Would you like to make a spooky mask for carnival or Halloween? How about a terrifying plaster cast Grinch mask? You can make these yourself with another person.

What you need:

  • plaster bandages
  • scissors
  • face cream
  • warm water
  • green poster color
  • brown poster color
  • black fabric
  • Glue

Create a plaster of paris Grinch mask

You can easily make a Grinch mask yourself out of plaster:

  1. To make a plaster Grinch mask, the first thing you need to do is cover your hair with a hair bonnet.
  2. Then apply a thick, greasy face cream to your entire face. You should also apply lotion to your ears, as it can happen that plaster gets to your ears.
  3. Now you should bring in another person who can help you with the production. The person next needs to cut the plaster bandages into strips and wet them with warm water.
  4. The moistened plaster bandages must then be placed on your face. However, the eyes, nostrils and mouth should not be covered.
  5. With wet hands, the person must smooth the plaster bandages on your face.
  6. Since the Grinch’s nose is rather flat, more plaster should be applied around your nose, creating a small mound in the middle of the mask.
  7. The mask should now dry for about half an hour and then be carefully removed from the face.

Finish the Grinch mask

When the plaster Grinch mask is completely dry, you can now easily finish it:

  1. First, completely paint the Grinch mask with green poster paint. Use a dark green, not a light green.
  2. Once the paint has dried, you can next cut two large bushy eyebrows out of black fabric and then glue them to your mask over the eye openings.
  3. Then paint a small brown circle on the nostril opening to make the nose a bit more distinct and a scary Grinch mask is ready.

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