Games for kindergarten – tips for moving games with balls

Games for kindergarten
Games for kindergarten

To make moving more interesting, you can use gymnastic balls in kindergarten. In this way you promote the health of your children with fun and joy. Physical activity is important to feel good. Here are some gaming tips and tricks.

What you need:

  • Exercise balls (number of participants)
  • softball

Warm up with balls

  • To keep the risk of injury as low as possible, you should warm up before exercising. This includes doing stretching exercises. You should incorporate this in a playful way while warming up with the little participants.
  • You should get your circulation going by warming up by running. So that this is not so boring, you can use balls with which you perform various exercises. At the beginning you can trip with the balls while walking. With small children, you should show them and use both hands.
  • You can also involve your walls by running and throwing the ball at each wall once. You can vary this with the speed or the frequency with which you throw the ball at the walls.
  • You can also throw the ball while walking with your partner. When using this exercise for the first time, make sure participants walk sideways to minimize the risk of injury.

Child-friendly games with movement

  • You can play more games with the ball by moving the ball back and forth in pairs. Now have the participants sit on the floor and spread their legs apart. Two people always sit opposite each other. They should be at least two meters apart. First, you can roll the balls back and forth.
  • To make it a little more exciting, each child has a ball, so two balls are rolled at the same time. You have to make sure that the balls don’t collide with each other.
  • You also have the option to keep the kids busy with a ball by staying seated and throwing the ball to the other person. This ball should hit the ground once before the other catches the ball.
  • Let the little ones experiment with the balls. You’ll be amazed at what they try. Finally, you should incorporate something with movement. Here you have the opportunity to equip a child with a ball and all other participants should run away from the ball. The kid with the ball is trying to hit another kid (softball). If the child hits another child, it is their turn to throw the ball. If it has unfortunately missed, it can try again to hit another child.

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