Sport in kindergarten – some exercises

Sport in kindergarten
Sport in kindergarten

Movement is one of the most important things children need for healthy growth. Therefore, you should do sports with the children every day, especially in kindergarten, and thus promote the children’s coordination and stamina.

What you need:

  • sports equipment
  • balls

As an educator, you have a huge responsibility towards the children in the kindergarten . Not only are you something of a family substitute for the children , no, you have also taken on the task of teaching the children something, supporting them in everyday life, encouraging them. This also includes training the children’s coordination and mobility. And that can only be achieved with a lot of exercise and sport. And the children always find sports in the kindergarten great together with other children.

exercises for sports

  • At first you can just let the children run in a circle and if you, for example, clap their hands, it will go the other way or you can simply call out what you want the children to do next. Hop on one leg, walk in a crouch, or jump on both legs. In this way, the children can already use up energy. 
  • Now let the children run over a bench, if the children are older, the benches can also be turned so that the tread is less. 
  • The children can then also pull themselves over the bench and end the whole thing with a forward roll. 
  • Then the children stand in a circle and one of the children can demonstrate an exercise, which the whole group then imitates. Like arm circles, jumping jacks, jumping on the spot, squats and there are many other exercises. 
  • It doesn’t matter which exercises you do with the children, all movements promote the children’s coordination and mobility, but the children also learn to be together and to be submissive.

Games in kindergarten

  • Of course, sport always includes one or two sports games. These not only promote mobility, but also cohesion at the same time. There are also many options. 
  • The game “Fire, Water, Storm” is very popular. In this game, the children run around the room and when the teacher calls “fire”, then everyone has to lie down on the floor, when the call “water” is called, all children quickly look for a place that is higher and go there and down After the call “Storm” two children have to hug each other. The child who is last and not fast enough must always be eliminated. At the end, the last child left wins. 
  • Ball games are also very popular with children. One child is the hunter and tries to shoot the other children’s rabbits with a ball. The last child left is the winner. 
  • You can find more games and exercises for your children in kindergarten in many books and on the Internet.

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