Children’s circus – tips for juggling

Children's circus
Children's circus

Would you like to train for a children’s circus and are still looking for a few tips on how to teach the children to juggle?

What you need:

  • 3 balls per child
  • patience and attention
  • fun juggling

Juggling isn’t easy, but with practice, it looks spectacular and is a lot of fun. If you want to prepare children for a children’s circus act, practice classic three-ball juggling. With a few tips, you can also develop a choreography from this.

Juggling for the children’s circus

  • Start yourTraining for the children’s circus with one ball per child. They throw the balls straight up and catch them again, if possible without taking a step. Do the exercise with the other hand as well. The momentum comes from the wrist.
  • If you practice with several children, train this exercise synchronously, then you already have the first part for the juggling choreography.
  • Next, throw the ball up and catch it with your other hand. The most important tips are precision and perseverance.
  • Then practice with two balls. Hold a ball in your left hand. Throw a second ball with your right hand and catch it with your left. How to practice holding two balls in your hands.
  • Next, repeat the exercise, only this time throwing the ball up from the left before catching the other one. Try to catch the ball from your left with your right.
  • Do the same exercises in the other direction as well.

Three ball tips

  • When the children are comfortable with two balls, start with three balls. Hold one ball in your left hand and two in your right. Now throw one of the balls up from your right hand. They catch him with the left one, which previously throws the ball she was holding. Catch that second ball with your right hand.
  • Practice this move as a complete unit for now, so pause when your right catches the second ball.
  • Next, practice three rallies. Repeating the previous exercise, you throw the third ball with your right hand before catching the second.
  • This pattern can be extended to any number of rallies over time. At the end the children juggle freely.
  • To practice a choreography, you can show the individual learning steps one after the other. This results in a natural dramaturgy leading to the climax of free juggling.
  • If several children want to juggle synchronously, you can set the beat with music. This is also good during the performance in the children’s circus.
  • During the performance, make sure you have beautiful, matching costumes and good lighting.

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