School games – this is how you create hours of fun in the playground

School games
School games

Exercise in the fresh air offers a wonderful balance to sitting still in the classroom during school breaks. The pent-up urge to move can be lived out, which in turn has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate in the following lessons. School games help you to motivate the children to exercise in a fun way.

What you need:

  • ball
  • sidewalk chalk

School games – fun and movement during the break

  • Choose the school games so that the space available is sufficient. If there is a large outdoor area or even a sports field, you naturally have more options. But there are also interesting play ideas for a relatively small schoolyard.
  • The breaks are limited in time. Therefore, games that can be completed quickly are well suited. Complex preparations should not be necessary. Preparation-intensive games are more suitable for children’s parties or special occasions.

Appropriate games with aids

  • Certain tools can be used for many games. It is therefore worthwhile making sure that these materials are available at school. Essentially, this includes balls and sidewalk chalk. In addition, skipping ropes, rubber bands suitable for rubber twists and badminton games can also encourage children to play independently.
  • There are many options for ball games. For example, the children can stand in a circle around a launcher. The thrower passes the ball to different children at random and at the highest possible speed. If you don’t catch the ball, you run around the circle and then become the thrower yourself.
  • Sidewalk chalk can not only be used for painting, but also for bouncy boxes. Feel free to let the children design the boxes themselves. When jumping through, no mistake can happen.

Spontaneous school games without tools

There are also many ideas for school games that do not require materials and can therefore be played spontaneously.

  • Games of this type include reaction games, in which a game master names characteristics such as clothing color or month of birth, and the children involved then carry out a predetermined action.
  • Two competitors can line up back to back along a marked line in the sand to measure their strength. On command everyone tries to push the other away from the starting line. The winner is whoever moves their opponent over a predetermined target line.
  • Not only agility, but also memory is trained in the following game: The children stand in a circle and one begins to perform any movement. The next child performs the same movement plus one of their own making. With the third child, a third movement is added. If someone makes a mistake, they start all over again.

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