Art in kindergarten – suggestions for little Picassos

Art in kindergarten
Art in kindergarten

Children love to paint and are always ready to learn new things through play. Art in kindergarten is a topic that can be worked on as a project over weeks. At the end, an art exhibition can take place in the kindergarten. Here the works of art can be presented in a targeted manner and admired by the parents.

What you need:

  • different colours
  • paper
  • small easels
  • small canvases
  • a room that can be used as a studio
  • Linen and tables to dry the paintings
  • water tank
  • Paint brush
  • painting smock

The new topic is art in kindergarten

Art in the kindergarten is really a great topic because the children can develop freely here and really enjoy working on this project.

  • You can set up a room with the children that is really just for painting. There you can provide different paints, paper, painting smocks, brushes and water containers.
  • In this room you can hang prints of artists and discuss the artists with the children.
  • Sometimes there is an art exhibition in town. If you have the opportunity, visit this exhibition with the children.
  • For the topic of art in kindergarten, you can work on given topics with the children. The topics are freely selectable.
  • Show the children different painting techniques.
  • Don’t push the children to paint particularly beautifully or cleanly. Each child paints as their abilities allow.
  • Art should be fun and bring joy to children in kindergarten.
  • Encourage each child to create and praise them for their work of art.
  • Pictures with not too liquid color can be hung on a line to save space.
  • Any picture that is created by a child in kindergarten as part of this project should also be discussed with the child.
  • If you are planning a small art exhibition in the kindergarten, you can have great pictures painted on small canvases. After the exhibition, the little artists can of course all take their paintings home with them.

Display the artworks in the kindergarten

Now that the children have learned about painters, art, painting techniques, etc., you can plan an art exhibition in the kindergarten.

  • To do this, simply select the most beautiful pictures and hang them up in a well-designed manner.
  • You can stick the pictures on photo cardboard or convert a large wall into an art wall.
  • Don’t forget to write the child’s name on each picture.
  • Parents can then admire the children’s entire artwork.

Art in kindergarten can be illuminated from many sides. Nevertheless, it is a great topic that will bring a lot of joy and fun to the children.

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