Children paint – this is how the little ones succeed with finger paint

Children paint
Children paint

Little kids can’t start painting too soon. Trying out different colors offers a wide range of creativity. The colorful finger paint is very useful for the little ones, as it is easy to wash out and can be painted early on without a brush.

What you need:

  • finger paint
  • apron
  • White paper
  • Paint brush
  • water cup
  • old newspapers

Children like to paint with finger paint

  • You can already offer finger paints to try out and paint at an early age.
  • It is always important that you are there, offer support and give time and space to experiment.
  • Prepare the place extensively so that you don’t have to fetch this and that in between.
  • You are also welcome to have a wet washcloth and a towel ready if you want to clean your children ‘s hands in the meantime.
  • Old newspapers are used to store the painted pictures and to dry.
  • The apron protects clothing and the little ones can easily paint without being constantly asked to pay attention.
  • They provide a cup of water, arrange the brushes, provide white paper and finger paint.
  • Of course you can also participate. In this way, the children can see what options are available and pick up suggestions.

This is how young children become active artists

  • Handprints are as popular with parents as they are with little ones. 
  • To do this, let the children choose which colors they want to use for the imprints. How about different colors for each finger?
  • They explain that it can tickle a bit. Now use the brush to paint the color on your child’s hand.
  • If the paint was applied by hand, help press it onto the paper.
  • Feel free to let your child try it. Multiple handprints on the paper, different colors, or hands printed on top of each other while the colors mix, looks fun and very artistic.
  • When everything is dry, together you can also draw faces on each finger or even fantasy characters on the hands.
  • The finger paint can also be used for footprints.
  • The children are welcome to dip their fingers into the paint and draw something on the white paper.
  • In the summer, the garden can be used for this. This leaves more room for experimentation.
  • The little ones can wash themselves afterwards. Fun and learning should be the priority.
  • Of course you can also paint with a brush. The children will show what they like.

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