Painting with watercolor – this is how it works in kindergarten

Painting with watercolor
Painting with watercolor

Most children are small, creative artists who can completely forget their surroundings even when painting with watercolors and immerse themselves in their own artistic design. In kindergarten, you should therefore have sufficient material available for appropriate activities.

What you need:

  • Water colors or water color boxes
  • Drawing pads (DIN A3)
  • Paint brush
  • A cup
  • water
  • paper rolls
  • small plastic aprons

It is not only important to have sufficient material, but also the right instructions so that working with watercolors in kindergarten does not end in frustration and arguments.

Painting in kindergarten

  1. If a table in the kindergarten group is reserved for painting with watercolors, then there must first be sufficient material available there. A small box of water colors and two or three brushes per child is best. Sufficient paper in DIN A 3 format.
  2. You should also spread out a pad of firm paper on the table, because in the heat of the moment the children will paint beyond the edge of their own paper.
  3. The equipment is completed with a few small cups that you fill about halfway with water. There the children can wash out the brush when they change to another colour. Do not fill the cups to the brim with water, because a cup may tip over.
  4. So that the children don’t soil their clothes with the watercolors, you should wear small plastic aprons when painting, which you can easily wash off after the painting activity.

Create creative pictures with watercolors

  • Don’t give the children too many instructions about what and how to draw. It is more important for the children to be able to discover their creativity in their own activities.
  • However, give them brief instructions on how to use brushes and paints correctly (wet brushes with water and then pick up paint with it, mix paints on a separate sheet and not in the paint box).
  • If you aren’t enough educators or supplements for one to sit at the drawing table all the time, then it’s worth keeping an eye on from time to time.    
  • Children are happy about every compliment. So don’t be stingy with it, even if you, as an adult, may not understand the content of the picture at first glance.

Painting with watercolors can be great fun for preschool kids. However, they should also learn to handle the material carefully and then to tidy everything up together afterwards.

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