Dancing in kindergarten – two dance games for toddlers

Dancing in kindergarten is a great way to keep your baby entertained and learning.
Dancing in kindergarten is a great way to keep your baby entertained and learning.

Even the youngest love to dance to songs and music. They make important experiences in relation to their body, space and social interaction. Here are two lovely dance games for toddlers to try in kindergarten.

What you need:

  • instrumental music
  • CD player
  • towels
  • tires
  • stuffed animals

Free dancing with toddlers

In addition to a guided dance game in the kindergarten , the little ones can dance freely to music and are therefore less restricted in their movements.

  1. A free dance game offers a lot of space for their own movements, the children can try it out or dance together with other children. You can provide various materials that will encourage the children to continue playing.
  2. Have different towels, tires or cuddly toys ready, which the children can choose according to their interests and include them in the dance. It is best to only reveal these materials to the children in a second or third dance round. This allows the little ones to focus only on the music and dance at first before you get involved with the materials.
  3. Only choose instrumental music without vocals, a piece of music that contains both a slow and a fast part is best. In this way, the children learn the difference between fast and slow and are encouraged to vary their movements or adapt them to the music.
  4. Finally, tell the children that now everyone can dance to the music any way they want. Of course, you dance with the children yourself and demonstrate a wide variety of dance movements that encourage you to imitate them.

You will see how, after several repetitions of the dance action, the children get more involved with the music and vary their movements.

Dance game for kindergarten

Guided dance games are suitable for a morning chair circle in the kindergarten where all the children gather. A simple game with few and, above all, understandable rules is suitable for small children.

  1. The children should form pairs and hold hands, because during the game they will dance with their partner.
  2. Put on some instrumental music and everyone starts dancing. Dance yourself with a child or another adult. After all, it is important for the children to have someone they can turn to so that they know what to do.
  3. As you dance, you call out various commands, which you demonstrate yourself and which the little ones should imitate. Call e.g. B.: “All children dance on one leg!” or “All the children jump on the spot!”. Think of more such commands.
  4. Finally, the children should try out the movements mentioned. After a few seconds, however, you start dancing again until you call out a new command.

It is important that you do not turn the music up too loud, so that the children have to be quiet in order to understand the music at all and so that everyone can hear your commands.

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