Child, 18 months – employment ideas

employment ideas
employment ideas

A child at the age of 18 months enjoys discovering the world. Therefore, these children often occupy themselves alone. On the other hand, it is very important for children at this stage of development that you engage with them.

Keeping an 18 month old child busy at home

In general, when employing an 18-month-old child, you should keep in mind that this child does not yet know the rules, but can learn something from all activities. Because basic skills such as concentration, attention, patience, perception, endurance and memory are encouraged in many situations.

  • Sorting games are very suitable from this age. Because many children can already distinguish and sort shapes, sizes and colors at this point. These are rarely named correctly, but an assignment is often possible.
  • The first picture books are also very popular with the little ones, because animal sounds in particular are imitated and assigned very early on. These games also encourage language development.
  • Every child should have building blocks, because they can be used to play and learn for many years. At the age of 18 months, building towers develops motor skills and knocking down brings great joy.
  • Many children also enjoy hiding. However, keep in mind that the little ones’ perspective is significantly narrower than your own.
  • Many toy manufacturers have already developed the first parlor games for this age group. By playing these games, the little ones will learn how to roll dice and place figures.

You shouldn’t let these activities go on for too long, as an 18-month-old child can’t concentrate for more than about 10 minutes. In general, try to secure your home in such a way that your offspring can explore the world on their own without being in danger.

Employment ideas for on the go

In general, the little ones can already walk at this age, which they are very proud of.

  • Therefore, you should always dress your offspring in such a way that they can walk. Even rain or cold doesn’t stop the little ones from going for a walk. Remember that fresh air is always healthy for young and old.
  • The children are also very enthusiastic about smaller ball games. If you have a playground in the area, you can explore it together. Here the little offspring can try their first climbing attempts.
  • In general, the little ones at this age always discover something new and interesting. Therefore, you should always plan enough time so that the offspring has enough time.
  • Pull along animals or vehicles to drive are also very popular. However, you have to keep in mind that the child will not use this continuously and it will then have to be transported.

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