Educational offers in kindergarten – some suggestions for gross and fine motor skills

Educational offers in kindergarten
Educational offers in kindergarten

Educational offers in the kindergarten underline the good work of the educators. For children, they represent a basis for beneficial development and support children’s abilities and skills. The children in kindergarten must be well prepared for the demands of school life so that they can continue on their way.

What you need:

  • balls
  • impellers
  • Sail
  • tires
  • painting and handicraft materials

Suggestions for promoting gross motor skills in kindergarten

  • Body movements and body control are very important in gross motor skills. In the kindergarten you can train them by playing ball games. In the beginning, kindergarten children find it very difficult to throw and catch a ball in a targeted manner.
  • But regular exercises facilitate and train these processes. This applies to all areas of skill.
  • Individual exercises such as throwing the ball, catching it directly or letting it bounce up beforehand until the next person catches it, kicking the ball to the other player with your foot or rolling the ball towards yourself are individual steps up to further exercises that Encourage gross motor skills.
  • Once the children have mastered these individual steps, you can increase the difficulty level of the educational offerings so that the learning goals are met.
  • Now the children can run and throw or catch the ball. A single game or partner game becomes a group game.

Use sports equipment from the kindergarten for your educational offers

  • You can also use other sports equipment such as ropes, tires or wheels. You can balance on the ropes, the children can practice and train jumping rope. Or several ropes are tied together and the tug of war can begin. 
  • The children can play with the tires. The tire is set up and pushed forward with a rotating movement. Games can also be played with the tires.
  • All children run around several hoops. One tire less than children is important when laying out. If you clap your hands, every child will find a house. Whoever is left wins.
  • The balance bikes are a great educational opportunity in kindergarten because they improve the children’s gross motor skills almost by themselves without much fuss. Riding a bike later is easier to learn.
  • Play with the wheels during an educational activity. Who will be able to get to the finish line the fastest? Who can drive backwards? Or you give instructions in which direction the children should go: “Turn left and count to ten. Then you turn right. Now go straight again.”

This is how it works with fine motor skills in kindergarten

  • Offer your children many different materials for painting and handicrafts. Various pens, paints and papers offer a wide field for experimenting and trying out. Colors during the educational offer could be: finger paint, ink box, felt-tip pens, colored pencils or wax crayons.
  • Construction paper, white drawing paper, felt, colored paper or wrapping paper are great handicraft and painting materials for children in kindergarten.
  • Help the kids. Show them the correct way to hold a pen and use scissors.
  • Other possibilities are offers with modeling clay or clay. Knead your own animals or other funny shapes with the children.
  • Feet are also welcome to be used in educational activities. Who can hold the pen with their toes? Who can paint a sun with feet?
  • Fine motor skills in kindergarten are also encouraged by tracing some figures or numbers. Have the children copy the pre-drawn pictures exactly.

These suggestions for gross and fine motor skills are very popular with children and promote them in a playful way.

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