The top 5 urban gardening DIY

Urban Garden is something interesting for big city where gardening will be very expensive because land price so high,I looked around to see what other great ideas I could find on the internet. I have summarized the 5 best ideas for you:

Maybe there is something that will motivate you to rebuild 🙂 If you know any other nice instructions, please comment!

1.Spring String Garden

Spring String Garden by TerrainThe Spring String Garden brings color to your ceiling. Because of the similarity with our seed bombs, there is the 1st place. Found on Terrain Online. I found something similar here. Slightly easier to make, but not quite as pretty as I find.

2.The Strawberry Tower
The “Strawberry Tower” gets the 2nd place despite the quite complex production, because strawberries are simply extremely delicious 😉

Actually just another form of the Vertical Garden from the previous point. However, the other form is reason enough for me to make my own entry. It’s also a lot easier to replicate that way. However, I think after one season the fabric doesn’t look quite as white anymore, hence only #4. Found on Instructables.

4.Plastic Bottle Garden

Spring String Garden by Terrain I found the PET garden on architectureartdesigns. It’s also a bit complicated to recreate, but definitely a good idea. There is also 3rd place because the whole page is full of good ideas. So feel free to take a look around! Incidentally, you can also buy the gnaze as a professional system, e.g. here and here.

5.balcony box

Balcony boxThe good old balcony box. Now available in thousands of variations and probably the most widespread basis of urban gardening. Apart from the planting, however, there is usually not much DYI, hence only the last place. The photo comes from Homeveganer.

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