Observation in kindergarten – notes on the report

Observation in kindergarten
Observation in kindergarten

In the kindergarten, observation forms are filled out for each child so that deficits can be recognized early and the development can be precisely recorded. But what is fixed in this report and how do you best proceed in it?

With an observation sheet, children aged 3 to 6 years can be observed and documented in their development. In kindergarten , it is therefore possible to recognize at an early stage which special abilities your child has.

Observing kindergarten children – facts

  • In kindergarten, children get to know many new skills and competencies and learn a lot. The observation of offers is very important for the development. You can quickly see which strengths the child has and which skills should be developed and strengthened.
  • Over a certain period of time, the observation sheet documents exactly which activities your child particularly loves and which offers it likes to take advantage of. This is often very useful for the development and recognition of deficits, because countermeasures can be taken early enough.

These points are very important in the observation sheet

  • In the observation sheet, 11 areas are precisely documented and recorded. These areas of competence are divided into many different areas.
  • In the motor area, a distinction is made between gross motor skills and fine motor skills. In the area of ​​social competence, self-assertion and cooperation are observed.
  • Emotional skills are also very important. The focus here is on how the child copes with feelings and also with the emotions of other children.
  • In the “Motivation” section, the observation is made of how the child coordinates its own needs on the basis of the requirements that have been met in order to achieve goals.
  • “Language”, “Mathematics” and “Natural Sciences” are important areas that are of great importance for entering school.
  • The creative side is also at the forefront in kindergarten and is documented. The categories ” music ” and “artistic design” are available for this purpose.
  • An equally important point is the sense of responsibility towards one’s own body. Here, the point “health and well-being” is very important.

Observation sheets in kindergarten play an important role in the ideal development of a child.

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