How do you make a soap bubble? – Instructions for a perfect soap bubble

Square bubbles
Square bubbles

Soap bubbles are the “balls of the gods”: As floating dreams that burst fleetingly and dazzlingly, they inspire children and adults alike. Perfect soap bubbles are easy to make yourself without much effort.

What you need:

  • Bubble Mixture (store bought or homemade)
  • straws
  • larger rings made of plastic or metal
  • smaller funnels

This is how you make soap bubbles

  • Soap bubbles you make from regular soapy water disappoint. They are small and burst quickly. Special mixtures are required for large and stable soap bubbles. You can buy these, but you can also easily make them yourself, although you have to experiment with the ingredients.
  • Glycerine is added to most recipes to improve shelf life. Try the following recipe: mix 50% water with 40% detergent or laundry detergent and 3-5% glycerin. Then add two teaspoons of powdered sugar dissolved in warm water per liter of soapy water.
  • A straw is suitable for inflating the soap bubbles perfectly, the end of which is cut crosswise and spread apart. This promotes the roundness and size of the bladder.
  • Soap bubbles are easily made with small clay whistles and funnels. The wide end of the funnel goes into the soap and you blow into the narrow end. With careful blowing, really big soap bubbles are created.
  • Large bubbles can also be made with rings or figures made of metal or plastic. It is important that all parts are wetted with soap solution beforehand, otherwise the blister will burst in a dry place.
  • Playing with soap bubbles: Small paper figures dipped in soapy water can be attached to particularly successful soap bubbles and sent on their journey. Soap bubbles lying one inside the other are also easy to make with a little skill, by carefully puncturing a soap bubble with a moistened straw and then blowing up another one inside. And when the winter temperatures are below zero, you can even freeze soap bubbles into ice bubbles. You can also do this in the freezer if you carefully put the bubbles in there in a small glass.
  • By the way, soap bubbles are particularly durable if you drape the soap bubble in a mason jar on a small base and then close the jar. This protects the bubble from dust, drying out and air blasts. The record is said to be almost a year.

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