Designing a circle of chairs in kindergarten for a birthday – this is how it works

Circle of chairs in kindergarten
Circle of chairs in kindergarten

It’s a child in kindergarten’s birthday and you want to create a circle of chairs for the birthday child? Here are some ideas to please the birthday child.

What you need:

  • cloth ball
  • Crown for the birthday boy

This is how the birthday chair circle in kindergarten succeeds

  • Birthdays are very special for little children . That’s why you should celebrate the birthday of a child in the kindergarten and create a circle of chairs for each birthday child in the kindergarten.
  • Always design your circle of birthday chairs in kindergarten so that there is a special chair for the birthday child within the circle of chairs. For example, this can be a larger chair that is painted in bright colors or covered with plush.
  • Maybe you have a signature music that tells the kindergarten children that you should now sit down on the chairs in the circle and be very quiet. On birthdays, you can play a different theme song, such as an instrumental version of a birthday song.
  • When all the children have taken their seats, the birthday child gets a birthday crown placed on his head.
  • Now tell the children that today is your playmate’s birthday and how old he is.
  • Now, together with another member of staff from the kindergarten, lift the birthday child’s chair as many times as the child gets years old. The children in the circle of chairs count aloud.
  • Now, in a circle of chairs, sing a song for the birthday child with all the kindergarten children in your group. The birthday child can choose whether to sing “Happy Birthday” or “How nice that you were born”.
  • If you have a small kindergarten group, each child in the circle should then take turns saying what they wish for the birthday child or what they like about them.
  • If the group is larger, the children can throw a cloth ball at each other. Whoever catches the fabric ball has to say what they wish for the birthday child.

Things to watch out for

  • If you organize a chair group for a birthday child in the kindergarten, you can also let them tell what they do with their parents on their birthday or what they got as a gift. However, keep in mind that this prompt to tell stories is unfavorable for some children.
  • For example, if a child’s parents don’t pay much attention to their child and don’t do anything nice with them on their birthday, it can make a child sad to have to share their birthday plans.
  • The same applies to children who do not receive any gifts from their parents.
  • So consider asking a child to talk about their day in front of all the other children in the circle.
  • If a child’s birthday was at the weekend, you should make up the birthday circle on Monday. Otherwise the child will quickly feel disadvantaged.

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