Farewell to kindergarten – gift ideas

gift ideas
gift ideas

The time in kindergarten shapes the life of all children. When saying goodbye, it is appropriate to give the educators a little attention.

The classic way

It doesn’t always have to be unusual farewell gifts. Make the educators happy – whether with chocolates or flowers is up to you. Write a personal card that comes from the heart.

The farewell diploma

For the teacher who has always made an effort with her child, the recognition of her work counts more than any material gift. Design a certificate or diploma with your name on it.

Do crafts with the kids

Your children will also want to say thank you for the wonderful time in Kindergarten. There are many creative possibilities. You can work with photos that you arrange into a collage or make plaster casts of your hands. This type of farewell gift is suitable for the whole group. In this way, the educators have a souvenir of the entire kindergarten year.

A forest for outdoors

If your nursery has a spacious outdoor area, you can ask if you can plant a shrub or small tree for each child. If the kindergarten is smaller, flowers are also an option. Of course, these don’t last that long.

For creative parents

If the kindergarten is rather dreary, a beautification is a special farewell gift. Offer to frame a wall. Let your ideas run wild. You can also involve the children here.

When the time in kindergarten is coming to an end, you can think about a gift for …

New for kindergarten

If you don’t want to give the educators a personal gift, simply give something to the children who follow. Toys are particularly suitable for this. If you team up with other parents, you can certainly finance new playground equipment.

When it comes to a farewell gift, it is the gesture that counts. Show that you are grateful to the educator for their commitment and effort. If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear about the preferences of the educators or the needs of the kindergarten yourself, talk to the other parents and find the right farewell gift together.

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