DIY Mediterranean garden bench

Medit garden

Mediterranean garden bench On a garden bench you can read comfortably, observe nature or just relax.

Our bench brings the holiday mood home! Whether in front of the house, or on the terrace or balcony: You can build a cozy bench yourself from two beautiful flowering trees and a stable, waterproof seat. Now all that’s missing is wine, snacks and the neighbors for a long chat.

1.Cut seat plate
The seat plate is made of 21 mm thick screen-printed board, as it is relatively weatherproof. In order to leave out the ever-growing tree trunks, a 25 cm deep x 14 cm wide cut-out is sawn at the top of the panel. All corners are rounded off with the jigsaw – to get the radius, you can use a plate, for example! (here with us: corners R = 5 cm; cutout R = 8 cm).

2.round edges
Now all edges on the top and bottom are rounded off with the router and sanded smooth with the sanding block. The seat is placed on the cachepots. Check beforehand that the flowerpots are safe and level so that the weight of those sitting is evenly distributed. In order to prevent the tree trunks from slipping and thus from being injured, small wooden blocks are attached under the plate – these hold the seat in position! Pillows ensure comfort!

3.pot trees
An XL – terracotta pot is used as a flower pot – this has a diameter of 39 cm and a height of 46 cm. When buying, make sure that the pot has a hole in the bottom so that excess water or rainwater can drain away. If the pot does not have a hole, you should drill it afterwards, as the plants do not tolerate waterlogging. Now the bottom hole is lightly covered with a potsherd so that the potting soil is not washed out. The trees are then planted and watered abundantly!

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